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If your business isn't succeeding, it's better to be proactive and bring things to a close yourself, as opposed to creditors forcing the situation. Administration also represents a potential way to achieve a fresh start.

Can you relate to one of these three scenarios?If you can, you should give Berley a call.

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1. It’s fundamentally a good business, but circumstances have conspired against you. You can fix it given a little breathing space.

2. The business is broken, but there’s still value in the business you’d like to see a return from once the company has been wound up.

3. The business is broken, you’ve tried everything, now you’re done with it, you just want to call it quits and get the creditors off your back.


Our licensed insolvency practitioners have the skills and experience to assist small business owners with restructuring, turnaround and liquidation, as well as helping individuals with personal insolvency.